Tarinan Princess von Anhalt

Princess Tarinan von Anhalt, an accomplished professional who understands Capital markets and a Director of a number of companies has joined Helping Hands Inc. as Director of Global Health/ Welfare Initiatives and Chief Health/ Welfare Officer (COH) and Dawn Holding Company as Vice President.

Her marketing initiatives have earned her accolades for over 30 years working with various companies, several she has founded and served as Chief Executive Officer in the field of beauty, holistic medicine and art, and attained remarkable profitability with the national and international development of several prominent lines of consumer goods.

Before being appointed to Helping Hands and Dawn Holding Company, Princess Tarinan, was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jet Art Group Inc. Her extensive art background and passion of aviation and jets, led Tarinan to create and currently oversee the operation of Jet Art Group, Inc a global contemporary art, promotional, merchandising and licensing company brought to fruition by her artistic vision and a collaboration with aviation specialists and a team of technicians.

Besides becoming a world-renowned artist, she has appeared on the global news of major networks CBS, ABC, and NBC, as well as Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Austria television and international media including; Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Palm Beach Post, Yahoo USA Today, Washington Post, Daily Mail UK and the Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine to name a few. Tarinan acquired, and developed Jet Art Group’s assets which includes; original paintings, trademarks, and intellectual properties, and secured a partnership with Flexjet/Bombardier to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Lear Jet.  She is known as the “Jet Age Jackson Pollock” and her Jet Art live painting events capture millions of media impressions globally.

In addition, her knowledge and passion in the field of Integrative and Preventative Medicine, enables Tarinan to enhance the build-out of the Global Educational Cultural Center in Dallas and assist in the creation of Global Chapters all over the world. Included in both will be her wide-range Wellness platforms for Helping Hands. Both Tarinan and Helping Hands’ entire philosophy is toward Green Sustainable, Wellness, Holistic Medicine and Natural Remedies.

As Managing Director of DNA Rx SYSTEMS LLC, Tarinan is also one of its Founders. The Company is based on Genetics and Pharmacogenomic Testing.  DNA Rx SYSTEMS is launching a revolutionary, exclusive, proprietary DNA Genomic Test worldwide to both Wellness and Medical doctors.   These Wellness and Medical tests will report the assessments and screening of adverse drug reactions in children and adults, identify inherited diseases, variants that Impact Gut Health & Digestion, and include a complete nutritional assessment and much more.

Having graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Miami (Florida), Tarinan has experienced and understood business from all levels; Top management as Chief Executive Officer to Marketing and Consulting positions throughout her expansive career.