Sigiri Kumari

Director of Research–Dawn Holding Company LLC

Sigiri Kumari is with a mission to support young youth by protecting their rights and ensuring a better future for them.

Sigiri’s strong belief is that No child should die of disease or starvation; no child should be abdicated or fall prey to human trafficking. Abstinence is the only perfect means of avoiding deadly diseases. Young girls should not be forced into marriage.

Sigiri Kumari ’s ancestors from her maternal side, belongs to a Kshatriya family, ruled for four hundred years in Middle India. Her late grandmother was Sujatha Hettiarachchi Nadarajah, a highly distinguished and accredited author and renowned poet of The Light of the Ten Thousand-Fold World System. Belonging to one of the oldest and most Aristocratic families in Sri Lanka, through both her parent’s lineage, enabled Sigiri Kumari to travel extensively as a child, and as well as an adult, to many parts of the world. She learned through her travels “to see things as they are and not to see as they appear to be “.

In addition to studies, she is a humanitarian and spent time volunteering with a number of non-profit organizations, especially those focused on women, youth and refugees.

Education: International Affairs, Minor History —UTD, Dallas



Research ancient History, Competitive Ice-Skater, Acting, Modeling