Dawn Holding Company is developing two Medical Universities in the Caribbean and in Asia. Some of the criteria in our buildout includes; infrastructure, building for faculty, hostel etc. The medical college must have the required number of departments, sections, together with an adequate number of faculty and staff, both administrative and technical. All the activities related to the academic program other than community training should be located at

the same site. We are also building appropriate accommodations for students during teaching and learning activities, a community training center, computer assisted and e-learning/teaching learning facilities, skills laboratory and ambulatory teaching learning facilities in clinical departments, classrooms for self-directed teaching learning, for the students.

A Central library with good ventilation and lighting must provide sufficient space with comfortable sitting arrangements, as well as an Audio-visual and Medical Illustration Section must be established to provide sufficient numbers of overhead projectors, multimedia, laptop, television and artist facilities for helping teachers to teach effectively and students to learn better. The colleges/campuses are encouraged to continuously adapt to

new and innovative technologies for fostering effective teaching /learning activities.

Adequate number of lecture halls with comfortable sitting arrangements together with good ventilation, lighting, acoustic system and audio-visual aids

Medical college/campus/school must have an auditorium of adequate capacity for holding scientific and other activities.