Our Visions and Values

Dawn Holding Company was created for the purpose of generating a huge and positive Global impact by making a difference aimed at:


Global Peace Through Culture


Eco-Ethical Green Sustainability

Higher Education


Global Holistic Medicine

Solar energy

Modern Green Technology

Learning of Nations through Culture and Understanding


It was also  formed  to  contribute  to  the  Local,  National  and  International  economy  by participating in Global Projects around the world, including building the Global Educational Cultural Center for Helping Hands Inc. in Hunt County, Texas.  

Our Global Center headquarters and hub will outreach to Helping Hands Inc. Global Chapters around the world providing support on an ongoing basis.

We develop, manage, and operate a multi-faceted business. 

The Company’s highly qualified and experienced executive management team coupled with its seasoned internationally astute legal team provides a fiscally stable and expansive environment.