Executive Administration

President/CEO– Hon. Kaushalya Siriwardana, Hon. Minister of Peace-HHIDM

Vice President– Princess Tarinan von Anhalt

Vice President– Dr. Shyam Khadka

Chief Operation Officer/COO Chief Strategic Officer– Larry Morgan

Chief Financial Officer/CFO Lokesh Amaranayaka

Deputy Chief Financial Officer– Kristhna Kalptaru

Chief Procurement Officer/CPO– Mario Steele

Chief Project Officer/CPO– Dwayne Podgurski

Chief Officer of Foreign Affairs– Dr. Antonio Sabas

Chief Officer of International & Entertainment-Anoma Dash

Chief Research Officer/CROSigiri Kumari

Chief Aviation Officer — Bruce McCall

Special Council

Special Envoy for CEO– Gaudia Chevannes

Special Envoy for CEO– Attorney, Abg. Hernán Batres

Special Envoy for CEO– James Thompson

Special Envoy for CEO– Ron Miller

Special Envoy for CEO– Quantity Surveyor, Mr. Rayan Campbell

Legal Advisor– Attorney, Vinod Doddamani