Dawn Holding Company LLC Presents EB-5 VISA PROGRAM

EB-5 Investor Visa Program Overview


If you as an individual or a family is interested in migrating to the United States, here is an opportunity to invest in a project and obtain an EB-5 Immigration Investor Visa to the USA.

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The EB-5 Immigration Investor Visa to the USA provides permanent residency to foreign nationals and their immediate families through the investment of the project:

HHI Global Center Project is ideal for qualified investors of EB-5 Visa  Programs           

Applies to foreign investor, spouse and minor children under 21 years old

ROI: Total investment.


Dawn Holding Company LLC serves as investment manager and developer for the project known as “Helping Hands Inc. Global Center “Hunt County, USA. 25 minutes from the city of Dallas. Helping Hands Inc. Global Center on its first phase will generate over 2000 jobs for the local and surrounding cities including the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.


EB-5 Investor VISA Program

The Advantages

Unlike other visas, the EB-5 is non-restrictive

Live and work anywhere in the USA

No travel restrictions

No language skills required

No age restrictions

Investment capital can come from any lawful source, including gifts, inheritances and business ownership

No business or special training experience required

Option to become a permanent citizen after five (5) years

Ability to sponsor Green Cards for relatives


EB-5 Immigrant VISA Program

A Beneficial Way to Obtain a Visa

Retirement-lower cost of living and better quality of life

Ability to start your own company in the USA

Children’s education-receive U.S. resident tuition rates and ability for children to maintain permanent residency after 21 years old

Wider job market opportunities for your children in the future

Help family already in U.S. on another expiring visa by providing safety from political and social unrest in their home country

Caps and time delays on other visa options are driving foreigners toward a solution utilizing the EB-5 VISA PROGRAM


Source of Funds Documentation

Required Documents to Obtain an EB-5 VISA

Any and all ID’s: including passports, national ID’s, U.S. driver’s licenses and social security cards

Birth Certificates

Information regarding the investor’s education, employment history and business experience including but not limited to resumes, diplomas and business registrations

Certified copy of any military record if any

Marriage certificates and/or divorce decrees

Police certificate from the police of each locality of the country of the applicant’s nationality

Documents to prove the source of investment funds, including personal and business tax returns, proof of ownership in any business if any


EB-5 Immigrant Investor VISA Program

How Does It Work?

Complete the Investor Contract (contact us to receive)

US immigration lawyers will assist each investor with their paperwork

There will be administration cost based on the amount of family members


Dawn Holding Company LLC. Manage EB5 VISA Program

Send in all immigration related I-526 documents as requested by Dawn LLC Immigration Lawyers

Investment amount will be US $500,000 plus lawyer fee.

Await I-526 application file review by US government (company lawyer will notify)

Complete interview, health check and financial documents (attorney provides the details)

Receive immigrant VISA approval from the lawyer

Receive green card for approval for conditional residency and enter USA

After two years, Dawn Holding LLC. legal team submits I-829 application to USCIS for unconditional (permanent) green card

Conditional state of green card is removed, and green card becomes permanent

Company lawyer will keep the client informed throughout the program of their visa states