Dr. Shyam Khadka

Vice President, Dawn Holding Company LLC

Director General Nepal for Helping Hands and Cabinet Officer for Helping Hands Inc. Global Educational Cultural Center Helping Hands Inc, Texas USA.

Dr. Shyam Khadka, a Medical graduate, Entrepreneur and Social worker from the land of Himalayas, Nepal.

Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Nepal Bharat Maitri Hospital. This Hospital ensures the quality of life of the Nepalese people through the provision of the best holistic health care services, delivering high quality health services in its numerous specialties and promotion of highly advanced medical treatments and diagnostic tests with the establishment of a Medical Institution. NBM Hospital is committed to providing accountable, comprehensive health care and services to the Nepalese and surrounding countries.

Before working in these multiple top-level positions at the Nepal Bharat Maitri Hospital, Dr. Khadka served as a Medical Director of Laxmi Teaching Hospital, Lecture of Anatomy and Physiology to the Paramedical Courses.

Founder, Chairman of Himal Danphe Enterprises. Apart from his routine medical schedule, Dr. Khadka has worked as head of this Himal Danphe Enterprises.

Advisor in Various Social and Private Organizations.
Dr. Khadka has a vast experience as a team leader in conducting the Free Health Camp in various parts of the country.