Anoma Dash

Director International Media & Entertainment–Dawn Holding Company LLC

“A woman of vision and purpose…” Success in life is not a birthright. It is forged through perseverance, hard work and dedication to one’s craft.

Anoma Dash personifies just that. Born into a life of music, fame and money in Queens, NY; Anoma aspired to be a voice in her own right and not just a person getting by on the clout of her last name. Although Anoma Dash comes from a long family line of well known, respected and knowledgeable individuals in the music/entertainment industry, that has not stopped her from being a true and committed student of her craft as an aspiring artist.

This actress, poet, singer and songwriter was truly destined to bring her messages of life, troubles and triumph through her musical/songwriting talents. At just the tender age of five, Anoma won all district first place trophy with her poem “Seasons”. By nine years of age, she began modeling. Over her 7+ modeling career, Anoma has been featured in JC Penney catalogues, Nike commercials with NBA star Dirk Norwitzki, NBC Network and various television series.

After mastering the experience and hardships of modeling and television, Anoma chose to best express her message and purpose through music. It was here that Anoma could go back to her family roots to elevate and evolve herself into that in which was inevitably intended to be! Music is what captured everything and allowed Anoma to be herself and lyrically express her thoughts, feelings, emotions out loud. Inspired by the legendary Rap/Hip-Hop artist, Tupac Shakur, Anoma has always kept her craft true and real. She speaks for the “have nots” of society around the world. Her main goal in music is to bring awareness on every level. Self-contentment to respecting one’s body and mind, to bring forth a better understanding of other views, viewpoints and being able to see through another beings pair of shoes.

Anoma continues to break the barriers of this male-dominated business. Though the road has not been easy, that has not stopped her from soaring for above the critics and skeptics she has surpassed along her way. In life, from the time we are born until we die, what we accomplish is up to one’s own ambition, purpose and drive. Anoma will not let the dash between her life be in vain! EDUCATION Criminal Law: Texas A & M University, Research Special Topics: Human Rights. International Refugee Law INTEREST: To live by example by practice not only speech.